Montrose, Scotland

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We have left the dramatic coastline of the Orkneys behind us now and are in a 001-sunset-in-montrose port called Montrose on the East Coast of Scotland.  Today I had a chance to take a walk around the town and managed to snap a few pictures along the way too.

002-the-big-church-at-night One thing I loved about the place was that everywhere was spotless.   There is no litter lying around, gardens for the most part are immaculate albeit it a little sparse and public areas like parks and things are very well maintained.

The town itself is small.  I walked pretty much everywhere today and it was probably only a 10 to 15 kilometer stroll.

So, Scotland, I take back all those terrible terrible things I said about you.  Montrose has lifted my opinion of your land greatly.

For the pictures of my walk look in the gallery under Montrose or click HERE.


P.S.  It hasn’t even rained since I have been here so that is some more brownie points for you.

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